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Red Birds and Foxes

A year ago, I added a piece of light coloured fabric with grey leaf-ish things and little deer, birds, squirrels and foxes to the stash. On the hunt for a project, I re-discovered this fabric and decided to finally make (at … Continue reading

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Mini Bunny

Sometimes you just really want to do a quick project. So about one episode of Castle ago, I cast on a little bunny. It’s 15 stitches wide and knit in stockinette to a square. Using the Bunnies from a square … Continue reading

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Mondriaan Finish

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for years.. probably over a decade by now. I have always liked the Mondriaan-eque pattern on it, but I never really knew what to make from it. I finally decided to cut into … Continue reading

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Summer Playsuit

Have you ever noticed that when it is very hot out, you don’t feel like making clothes for hot weather (or making any clothes for that matter)? When it’s not very hot out, it also does not feel right to … Continue reading

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Birdy Scarf Repeat

Dinosaurs are awesome, unfortunately nice fabric with dinosaurs on is hard to find. Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. They are quite nice themselves too, and fabric with birdy prints is really easy to find! The local market stall had two … Continue reading

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And Now, to Conquer the Galaxy!

Or just a bit of fabric with a night-time print, I guess. How did my conquering of the galaxy come about you may ask? Well, I’m currently waiting for what I hope will be a walking foot to arrive in … Continue reading

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Birdy Scarf

After my failed skirt project from the last post, I wanted something quick and easy that was useful and I could finish and wear quickly. Winter is coming (and/or arriving), which means that I’ve been layering up with a scarf … Continue reading

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