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Sweater with Leather

So I discovered that I apparently never posted by sweater with leather that I had mentioned during some MMM post this year. It’s a sweater with an asymmetric zipper that is based on sweaters like in these pins (one and … Continue reading

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Three-Piece Suit (part 1 – Vest)

In the quest for a three-piece suit, I also needed a vest. I’ve found a liking for Simplicity Naaimode patterns since the seam allowance is already included in them. I’d remembered that there was a pattern for a vest in … Continue reading

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Hook Those Dragons Scarf

So after finishing the dragon shirt, I still had about 25 cm of dragons left over. I’d also been browsing Pinterest for the past few days for those super cool looking triangular scarves. There seem to be two camps: either … Continue reading

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Dragon Shirt

For my birthday this year, I got a meter of stretch dragon fabric from my friend. It languished in the stash until the day before yesterday when I pulled it out to make a shirt. It was always destined to … Continue reading

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Gear Baaahg

I used to have all kinds of useful things floating around willy-nilly in my bag. It would take hours to find the pen, or the nail clippers or the charger for my phone in the depths of my bag. Then … Continue reading

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Warm and Cosy Bunnies Hat

This year I went on an organized five day sailing holiday in September. Since I don’t particularly like travelling, find food scary and am not necessarily a fan of meeting new people that I cannot escape, this was a huge … Continue reading

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Round Up

So.. It’s been a while, but I’ve actually been doing some small things. I felt too lazy to post them before, but now I feel I should, so here goes. May! I participated in me-made-may and wore at least one … Continue reading

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