Tantalus Scarf & MMM ’18

I seem to have been quite productive in the past few weeks and have managed to churn out four finished projects and one knit sweater that only needs half a sleeve and a hem. So prepare for the onslaught of posts in the coming few days.

To start. the most boring one: another circle scarf. This one has cats and birds. So it is a in a Tantalus state, never catching the bird and never getting truly away from the cat. As usual, these types of scarves are quite a quick little project, so after finishing this I actually started to go through all my pattern magazines in search of tops and pants. I made notes, copied patterns onto pattern paper and then called it a day.

I’ve also decided to participate in Me-Made-May ’18 again.

While I may have forgotten that May started yesterday, I did actually wear something me-made. Namely the straight sports-skort, which definitely fits into the ‘keep & wear’ pile. Today it was the eighties revival sweater with polka-dot scarf, also keep & wear. Only 29 more days with potentially a lot more non-pants items since I tend to not wear the dresses and skirts nearly as much.

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Watermelon Hat & Doggie

Sometimes you (read: I) find a nice ball of yarn in a shop and you just want to have it because it reminds you of a watermelon. Then you wonder what you will do with a ball of very thick yarn in a colour scheme that reminds you of a watermelon. At that point ravelry came around the corner again. I found the Swirly Smooshy Chunky Beanie, which would require only one ball of yarn. So I cast on one night, size 9 needles and I finished the knitting that night. A very quick project indeed. It took a few weeks more to actually finish the project and add a little fluff ball to the top with the leftover yarn. In effect there is only about 6 cm of yarn that have not been used.

Another one night project was a little doggy with its tongue stuck out that I knit while staying with my parents. It found a new home as a present but it was quite fun to see if it would work. I think it did.

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Easter 2018

As always, eggs needed to be painted for Easter. This time, I happened to be at my parents on the Friday before Easter, so we invited my brothers and their partners to come along too. After having dinner, I forced everyone who was still there to paint eggs with me. We boiled twelve in different colours and painted them with water paints afterwards.

My creativity was a bit lacking, so I only made two. This time, they were all not recognizable. I still had fun, and I think the others did too.

My one brother took 6 home because we wouldn’t be able to eat 12 with just the three of us. On Saturday, I was the only kid left. I still made my mother hide the 6 real and 6 chocolate eggs in the front yard, and my dad and I searched for them (we found them all!), before commencing with some cheater Easter lunch. I enjoyed myself and the streak of finding eggs is still going strong!

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Even More Skorting

So there was still a little bit left over of the two fabrics I’ve used for my previous skorts. Last week I made a similar one to the improved version, so a half circle skirt. This time with a zipper in the waistband to create a little pocket for a key or such.

In order to make the zipper function correctly, and not get stuck in the fabric all the time, I put some ribbon behind it. There is also elastic in the top edge.

I managed to fit another skort in the last few remaining bits and pieces. This was another type of skort. The same shorts pattern was used, taken in about two centimeters to make it fit on the fabric. For the skirt, I googled skort and found a Jalie pattern (Jalie 2796 Multi-Sport Skort) of which I liked the features, so I attempted to draft something similar. I probably did not make it wide enough in the front since it seems to bunch up a little. But this tends to happen with skirts anyway. So I will see in the summer whether it works. The good thing about this one is that it has pockets in the sides and another hidden pocket on the leg.

All in all, getting four garments out of two coupons of fabric is quite a success. I’m going to try to throw out the leftovers. Then I won’t have more stuff remaining.

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Mini Bunny

Sometimes you just really want to do a quick project. So about one episode of Castle ago, I cast on a little bunny. It’s 15 stitches wide and knit in stockinette to a square. Using the Bunnies from a square pattern, I knit up a tiny bunny. I’m claiming it is for Easter, but I just wanted to try out the pattern.

It’s quite cute, and it was a really quick project so that was nice. Who knows, he might get a family in the next few days…

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Chair, Now in Blue

So, years ago, I managed to liberate an office chair from Utrecht University (story is here) which has gone through two more moves and now lives happily in my sewing room. It had accumulated another patch but was again springing a leak. So I decided to take the plunge and figure out how to recover the seat. Adding another patch would not have made it any better I think.

So I got to work, taking out all the visible screws. I couldn’t get to a few so I googled my chair number and actually found a video that shows how to recover it. Thank you, Stof en Steen! So I mostly followed the instructions and managed to recover the seat of my chair in about 2 hours or so? The hardest part was getting the recovered seat back on the chair.

Now, the seat back is still perfectly fine, and I am lazy. It would also have more pattern pieces and harder patterns so I figured, I’ll take the multicolour chair. Red and blue go together, right? RIGHT?! I have found that it is more comfortable now since the hole is no longer there and my feet actually stay on the chair when I pull my legs up. I declare this a success (for now, at least).

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Graduation Winter 2018

So the inspiration for this one was based on these two pins: skirt & dress. The bottom is two half circle skirts, and the top is the always fabulous garden party dress, somewhat hacked. I used a knit fabric that was black on one side and had a diagonal plaid pattern on the other side. The bottom had a kind of odd graffiti border, but I choose not to show that, and it’s now the inside of the outer skirt. There was not a lot of fabric left after cutting two half circle skirts, so I had to make some choices to conserve fabric.

Those little reverse triangles in the shoulder meant I could position the front more economically on the fabric. For the sleeves, I did use the original sleeve width, but the sleeve caps of a t-shirt pattern were substituted. I made the sleeves as long as I could with what fabric remained. However, elbow length sleeves are the devil – cold underarms. So I decided to attempt a kind of bishop sleeve by using another piece of fabric. This worked! It’s just about long enough and has the shallowest hem I could manage.

One of the hardest parts of this dress was figuring out how to do pockets. For events like this, I need to have pockets to put my phone and the schedule etc in. Since there were no side seams, in seam pockets would be hard. Making symmetric welt pockets in a stretchy knit would also not be my idea of fun, also because I did not have a lot of fabric left. In the end I made giant patch pockets. They are not super visible, but did work very well.

I liked this dress, although it was not as successful in keeping out the cold as last year’s outfit was. Still, it performed its duty even if I did change into pants and a sweater halfway through the reception. For next year, I’ll try to find something warmer.

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