Rock You!

Oh goodie, another stupid circle scarf thing…

It’s because they are so easy to churn out and so very nice to wear, even in summer. It’s also because the market stall currently sells a lot of fabric super suitable for circle scarves and I cannot help myself. So if you feel like the first sentence may be true, you had better ehm, ignore some future posts? Cause I’m not quiting any time soon!


This one has a thin bit of the left over white dots and a very wide bit of ‘rock you’ fabric.


It takes me about 1 to 2 hours to make one of these and then I wear them for hours and hours and days and days so it’s all worth it. This one may be a bit thick though, so there is a lot of fabric around my neck. It it also quite neutral, so it should see use in the cold of winter when I don’t now what to combine with some knit sweater.


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Getting Ready to Ref

I may have mentioned before that I am part of a roller derby team. We haven’t played any games yet, but we are starting to get there. It’s very enjoyable to practice the skills and do things on 8 wheels, but I am not yet sure whether I like getting bruised. Next to that, I generally find rules very interesting and the rules of roller derby are no exception. I voluntarily read all the rules before it was even necessary and I tend to remember them too. Only one logical conclusion could be found, exploring refereeing was the way to go.

Part of refereeing is the outfit. You need to have a shirt with about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide white and black vertical stripes. Officially it also needs to be professionally made, but for practising I think home-made would also be fine.


Fabric was really hard to find! I haven’t been able to find black & white stripes of 2.5 cm wide in the vicinity. At some point I found a top at a local shop with the correct width but then the stripes were horizontal. I bought two of those shirts in the largest size and decided to harvest the fabric from those. This means that there is a seam across the bust and back, but it does not bother me. The pattern is my standard shirt pattern, with sleeves. I chose a v-neck, because it makes it easier to get over the head (with helmet). The bands from the tops were also reused for the neckline and sleeves. The project was a long time in the making, since about January, but I finally finished it!

The sleeve bands have a small opening, I wanted to see if that would work. It does, and I like it. The hem was done with a stretch twin needle, I was very happy that that worked too! I haven’t worn it on skates yet, but so far, I am happy with it!



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Flowery Shirt

After finishing the playsuit, I had a small piece of fabric left over. Knowing that if I didn’t do something with it immediately, it would remain forever in the stash, I started a new project with it. I found my ‘shirt’ pattern and cut that one out without the sleeves. It was a lot less wide too, since there was not enough fabric, officially. I sewed it at about 3 mm seam allowance, but it did fit when I pulled it on over my head. I had it basically done the same night as the playsuit, apart from 1 sleeve band. Of course that sleeve band took until last weekend to actually sew, but now the shirt is done and it has been worn.

I quite like the shape of the neckline, but I think I may have pulled the band a little too much. Or there just wasn’t enough stretch in it. Anyway, I do like the armpit area. I think it looks quite clean. The shirt also does not feel mega tight when on, so that is a positive aspect too.

It’s always nice when you can use up all the fabric and not have much left over. I declare light yellow flower fabric conquered!

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Graduation Dress 2017

Blue seems to be a recurring colour in my summer graduation dresses, see the evidence from 2014, 2015, and 2016. Again in 2017, I found myself attracted to blue yet again. This time I picked two blues with the intention of making something with a circle skirt. However, the idea lost its appeal and I started looking around my pattern magazines for something new. Turned out that I liked another pattern from a Simplicity magazine. It could also be done two-toned, so that worked out great.


This was the pattern, in Simplicity Naaimode 16, pattern 6-10. It came in sizes 38, 40 and 42. Since I generally don’t fit in size 38, I redraw the 38 pattern to get a size 36. I made up the pattern, pretty much as drafted. At the start the only thing I changed was to also add piping along the side-back seam and the back skirt seam. I also had to pull up the shoulder seams as it was too long. That resulted in the one on the left:

The proportions of the top were just off. It was too high and there was not enough darker blue. So I recut fronts and put those on while attaching it lower on the front by about 4 cm or so. This was much better as showcased on the right.

I hemmed the dress with the lining slightly longer than the shell. I liked the idea of some of the darker blue peeking out.

The side view is to show how the piping ran on. The invisible zip is slightly not invisible enough but it isn’t too bad although I like the matching on both points (skirt and top).

It also looks clean on the inside. I am hoping that the fabric does not fray too much in between the layers. I’ve worn it since graduation and it is comfortable to wear. It will most likely see more wear this summer.

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Summer Playsuit

Have you ever noticed that when it is very hot out, you don’t feel like making clothes for hot weather (or making any clothes for that matter)? When it’s not very hot out, it also does not feel right to make clothes for hot weather, afraid to jinx it or something. Saturday, after the enormous heat wave we have been having, I decided to make the hot weather outfit that I needed for the summer. I’d spotted a really cool patter in Simplicy Naaimode 24, a jumpsuit with options for length, pant-width and top style.

I chose to make the short version of the wide legged one, with the ‘A’ top, which is the one where the shoulders are not bare. I’d bought some white jersey with yellow flowers especially for this purpose. Also because I wanted to make something with a pattern that would be suitable for outdoors (octopuses really aren’t for everyday wear). So on Saturday afternoon, I set to work, ironing the piece of fabric. I finished the entire thing that night, apart from hemming and some other little things. It’s pretty comfortable so far. I made one change and that was to add belt loops, apart from that, it is as drafted size 34. It feels really quite big, but I guess that is what makes it comfortable.

I’m going to have to wear it out once it gets hot to see whether it actually works as hot weather gear, but I hope it will! I might make it again in the long-legged version, although I will take in the top then to prevent the gaping at the overlaps.

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Swimming Octopus

I bought some fabric that has an interesting feel and pattern last year. I didn’t get round to determining what I wanted to make from it, so it languished in the stash. It is covered in octopuses on a blue background and it feels almost waxy? The people who I bought it from told me it was for swimwear. I’m not sure whether that is true, but I decided to make some (swimming) shorts out of it.

The pattern again came from a Simplicity magazine, although I’m not sure which one. I french seamed the entire thing to prevent the raveling. Now, the placement of the octopuses is not ideal, with that mutated big on over my butt, but I’m not going to care about it, I think.

Here is it flat outside (top) and on the insides (bottom). The fabric is quite similar on inside and outside as you can see.

I haven’t worn it out yet, but I’m planning on doing it as soon as the next heatwave hits. Last week we had one, but I was too lazy (and too hot) to actually go outside to the beach. Who knows how it will hold up..

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Toothless Gift

A friend of mine seemed to fall in love with my Toothless when I finished it last year. She implied or asked (long time ago, I don’t really remember) she would like one for her birthday, and I decided to try and do that. I failed in having it finished on the birthday, but it is done by now. It took slightly less than a year in little increments, but still a substantial project. I made a few changes compared to my own one. This one has a semi functional mouth with a stomach that can house a fish. His eyes are also a little different and the face does not look the same. However, it is still quite cute, I think.

And here he was, hiding on my chair during construction.

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