Summer Playsuit

Have you ever noticed that when it is very hot out, you don’t feel like making clothes for hot weather (or making any clothes for that matter)? When it’s not very hot out, it also does not feel right to make clothes for hot weather, afraid to jinx it or something. Saturday, after the enormous heat wave we have been having, I decided to make the hot weather outfit that I needed for the summer. I’d spotted a really cool patter in Simplicy Naaimode 24, a jumpsuit with options for length, pant-width and top style.

I chose to make the short version of the wide legged one, with the ‘A’ top, which is the one where the shoulders are not bare. I’d bought some white jersey with yellow flowers especially for this purpose. Also because I wanted to make something with a pattern that would be suitable for outdoors (octopuses really aren’t for everyday wear). So on Saturday afternoon, I set to work, ironing the piece of fabric. I finished the entire thing that night, apart from hemming and some other little things. It’s pretty comfortable so far. I made one change and that was to add belt loops, apart from that, it is as drafted size 34. It feels really quite big, but I guess that is what makes it comfortable.

I’m going to have to wear it out once it gets hot to see whether it actually works as hot weather gear, but I hope it will! I might make it again in the long-legged version, although I will take in the top then to prevent the gaping at the overlaps.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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