You may have seen the graduation dress from yesterday. You may also have noticed something missing that is crucial in winter… long sleeves. Now, I left those off intentionally, because I wanted to be able to move my arms (and fabric shortage was a contributing factor). I knew I could turn out a decent shrug in no time – i.e. an evening, since I did the exact same thing last graduation, although that one turned out to be superfluous.

Looking for curtains on the Utrecht fabric market, I stumbled across some very soft, very warm feeling, slightly fuzzy, stretchy, black fabric. There were four meters left, so I bought it all and spent 8 euros total. I figured at the time that I could always use it as a blanket if I couldn’t think of anything to make from it. But Thursday night, the first 50 cm or so turned into a shrug to wear over the graduation dress.

img_20170129_172140398 img_20170129_172157885

The pattern I used was the free So Simple Shrug from Craftsy. I used the same pattern last time and had some real problems trying to get it to work. That was mainly due to fabric choice as the jersey was too fluid. This black fabric was more stable and I made some modifications to the pattern so this version turned out a lot better. Modifications included overlapping the seam between pages 4-8 and 9-13 by 5 cm to decrease the sleeve width. The 5 cm decrease was then also implemented along the original pattern on page 4 to decrease the back length. I took an additional triangle out of the center back and the side backs to create a closer fit around the body. I added a band around the outside for a nice finish and hemmed the sleeves with a double row of stitching – for the next version that will be a twin stitched seam to allow for some more stretch.


This thing more than lived up to my expectations. It was so warm! It felt so soft! It was so nice! I think I may need to make an entire wardrobe out of this stuff. I’ll never be cold ever again! Just live in the black fuzz forever. For now, I may have to settle for wearing more things that allow me to wear a shrug over the top. My conclusion about this heavily modified shrug? Pure perfection!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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