It all started a long time ago when I watched the How to train your dragon movie. I immediately fell in love with the cutest dragon in the film: Toothless. A while later, I found a picture on Pinterest of a giant Toothless plush. I knew that I needed one of those for myself. The picture, this one, contained a free pattern of said Toothless from a DeviantArt user named nooby-banana. So in May last year, I printed it out, cut out all the paper pieces and put them in a folder. Only to have it stay at the back of a drawer until a few weeks ago, when I organised said drawer. Immediately, I felt the need to make the toothless dreams come true…

october-2016-3 img_20161025_221253722

I’d already collected most of the materials and set to work last Sunday. I cut out all the pieces, for which I needed one fleece blanket and a tiny strip of another one and started sewing up my little monster. It all came together much quicker than I could have anticipated, especially for a critter that is 1.10 m long and with a 1.15 m wingspan.


The instructions were mostly clear and I followed them closely, the only deviation was that I sewed the top of the head first, not the bottom and that I added a little line of stitching above the eyes. I don’t think that the head order made a big difference in the final project, but it made my life a lot easier. I also followed most of the instructions for the eyes from Katy-A here. Although I used safety noses as I have a lot more of those hanging around that I won’t use very often.

img_20161029_121308985_hdr october-2016-13

All in all he was made from 1 and a 10cm strip of fleece blanket, a little left over brown fleece from a hood project, his nails were from my medieval dress fabric, polymer clay eyes, some plastic pellets (75 grams per foot in a bit of pantyhose) and a lot of stuffing. I think he’s really cute, and it’s real nice to cuddle with him as he is so big. He’ll probably live on my bed or on the chair as pictured below for a while.

october-2016-9 Toothless

The view below shows his wings and his wings lifted up.

october-2016-6 october-2016-4

I really like it, so thank you nooby-banana for making this wonderful pattern available to us all.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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