Leather Haul and Arm Bits

I made things! A while ago though, but I was too lazy to post them. First up, a bracelet, effectively copied from this pin I found on Pinterest. There happened to be a piece of leather in my large leather haul* that was the perfect dimensions, all I needed to do was ‘square off’ the thick end to get the right shape. Then I added some slits and a hole and Bob was my uncle.

 Wrap Wrap


Next, I also made another watch band. This time with some weird-looking faux snake? from the haul. I like the hole detail in the band that shows the secondary band. I also used a closure which I got from eBay. I like how those work. I may need to get some more rivets as the ones I’ve been using have been reduced to 2 sets.

Watch Watch


And third, I made a cuff, partially inspired by this and this pin. It again holds a watch, and I was very pleasantly surprised that I managed to work out how to make the watch interchangeable by using snaps. Setting the snaps was nerve-racking, what if they were crooked and I messed the whole thing up?! Luckily that didn’t happen and it all worked out decently. This one also has normal holes and ‘riveted holes?’, there is a word for this, but I forgot, for decoration.

 The mess IMG_20160703_193312414

For now, I’m happy with this, although I don’t really like wearing in summer. It’s a little hot… no surprises there really. I do plan on making another one, this one in such a way that the buckles sit in the middle of my underarm, not on the side of the cuff. I also think it would benefit from three sets of straps. For that design to work though, I need to think a little more.

*Now, this all came about after I walked by a store in my town where they happened to sell bags of leather offcuts from their bag making process. Only 12.5 euro per bag, and there was a lot of content. If you ignore the bag (and other mess) in the foreground, all the leather in the back was what came out of the bag. With lots of different colours and thicknesses. So I played around, and created the three things above.

Phone July 2016 067

Somehow I’ve managed to use my right underarm too much, to the point where it now aches when I type, knit, use my mouse or sit still. So I’m not knitting, which is annoying as I want to finish the Stegosaurus I just started. For now, rest and hopefully recovery. I hope you can stay creative!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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