MMM ’16 Week 5

Week five had a crafty start and will not be seven days long. Lets see what that brings…

May 29

May 29

Blue striped shirt and leaves sweater
Comfort level: No pockets, but I made an external pocket for my mp3-player to listen to audiobooks all day while sewing.
Wear again: Only in the house.

May 30

May 30

Duck skirt and new blazer
Comfort level: Fine, the blazer is a little itchy but maybe some washing will help.
Wear again: Yes, maybe not together though.

May 31

May 31

Harry Potter and stripes
Comfort level: Easy.
Wear again: Yes.


Two days of non-pants? Since this week was only three days instead of seven and I still wore a non-pants outfit I’m calling this: Achieved
Five days of at least two me-mades? Since the week wasn’t five days, I am also calling this: Achieved

Week five has been survive(d)!


If I want my me-mades to be worn, I have to make sure that they have pockets. No pockets is severely limiting apparently. I also really like the variety that the different sweaters bring to me. This year was fairly easy because it was cold for most of the month and I had a number of sweaters to combine with different shirts and bottoms. I can definitely see that I prefer to wear pants & sweater combinations over non-pants. I’m guessing that that is because it feels colder with leggings than pants. I have, however, also found out that quite a few of the dresses I have made are comfortable and that I should re-start wearing those. There are some others that are better off in the attic or as a donation somewhere, since I don’t really enjoy wearing them.

Replacing my entire stash of bought t-shirts seems like a very feasible option currently and I see no qualms in also replacing the bought sweaters with home knits. I may still want to wear some bought jeans every now and again, although the made ones are also comfortable. I will see myself also continuing in making something new for graduation events. The one for June this year could theoretically already be worn, although the insides need some finishing and I need to find a way to incorporate pockets in some way, see above comments..

This Me-Made-May was very enjoyable and I liked participating. I also got to spread the word about sewing and people were regularly somewhat surprised about all the things I’ve made. This talking aspect was somewhat unexpected but still a pleasant side effect. Overall conclusion: Me-Made-May 2016, Challenge Achieved and Successful!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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