I had a plan, ages ago, to make a suit from some grey fabric. Part of the plan got completed, in the form of Fancy Grey Pants. I have now finally completed the other part of the project, the Blazer part. I’ve been wanting a new blazer for ages now, but always was a little to scared to actually start it or was unable to find a nice pattern.

Eventually I found a nice pattern in a rather odd place. As you may know, Male Pattern Boldness is the blog of a guy who sews and he regularly writes about things he doesn’t get. One of the things was ‘Annie, too’ patterns. Somewhere halfway down the page, I found this fantastic pattern and I wanted to have it. I found a size 8 copy, but when I got it in the mail it looked like it would never ever fit. So I also bought a size 12 copy, which is pretty accurate and what I based this Blazer on.

I made some changes, I changed out the sleeves for a two piece sleeve, reduced quite a lot in the bust area and in the back, added two non-functional buttons to the sleeves, worked two buttonholes by hand in the front, instead of one, added some piping to the neckline (below) and added a lining. The general shape still is similar to what it was supposed to be.

Lining Piping

It took time, a lot of time, especially to get the sleeves in right, about 2 days before those were fixed. When I came to the almost end, I couldn’t really decide on the buttonholes I would choose, bound would be nice, but the buttons  I wanted to use are not so large, so that would be mega fiddly.  Eventually I found I really nice tutorial on Williams for hand worked button holes, so I tried it out, on the left my practices and on the right the final buttonholes. I’m quite happy with them.

Button hole practice Button holes

This is the final project!

Front Back

For the sleeves, I also added a little bit of piping and two non-functional buttons to the bottom. Getting the sleeves in was terrible. I chose the two piece sleeves from another pattern and it was fairly annoying to get those in. It took me over a day of constant fiddling, but right now, I’m really happy with the limited amount of pulling that I managed to achieve.

Side Sleeve detail

The pattern came with a front pocket which I made happen with a contrast welt in black. This way the blazer also sort of matches the pockets on the original pants. I don’t know if the pants and the blazer go together, and at this point I’m not interested enough to try it out. When putting on the front buttons and buttonholes, I figured it would be handy to also be able to close the front pocket, so I put a button on it too and this one is functional!

Buttons Front pocket

Last but not least, I added the lining because getting a thing on is easier when it’s slippery on the inside. The loop is for hanging it up which may be very handy in the future too.

Lusje Lining

I’m going to have to start wearing it to see if it works satisfactorily. Who knows, there may be a MMM update in the future.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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