Allosaurus Awesome

Summer of 2015 saw the start of a dinosaur. During the winter, the dinosaur bits lived in a box. In the spring, the completed dinosaur finally saw the light of day.


This is the Allosaurus from the Knitting Dinosaurs book and on ravelry. I found some yarn in the stash that was green and red and figured it would make a good Allosaurus. It’s very similar to the one in the book apart from red vs. pink and no teeth, but I like that. The arms, legs and head can all be posed. He is a little smaller than I thought he would be when I started.

Allosaurus Allosaurus

His eyebrows also make him seem a little angry, but that’s part of his face and what makes him an Allosaur (left) and not a T-Rex (right).

Allosaurus-Images Tyrannosaurus-Rex-Images

There are a few more dinosaurs in the book that I like, so you may see more knitted extinct beasts roam around these parts in the future.

For now one last Allosaurus picture and then onto the next finished critter.



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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