Eggcelent 2016

Painting eggs with Easter is a necessity for me, you can see the evidence here, here, here and here. This year, I had my parents come over for lunch, so I painted 6 eggs. You will now be regaled with too many pictures of the eggs, good luck! In order of awesomeness

Minion egg

It’s a minion, clearly it’s awesome.

Minion egg Minion egg Minion egg

I added the googly eye, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint a nice eye. Also, googly eyes are the most fantastic things. They are currently also stuck to my laptop, phone and mp3-player.

Galaxy egg

Galaxy Egg Galaxy Egg Galaxy Egg Galaxy egg

This was a very dark egg with some planets and stars on it. My mother was kind enough to hide all the eggs for my father and me to find. This one was the last one we found. The reason was that it was put into a glass in a black closet, completely camouflaged. Super awesome.

Owl in tree egg

Tree owl Tree owl back

It’s an owl in a tree, I know, it’s not the most obvious one, but then my painting skills are lacking at the best of times. I still quite like it.

Duckling egg

Duckling egg Duckling egg Duckling egg Duckling egg

This is the duckling egg, where I attempted to create a baby duck or baby chicken. My mom hid this one between my rubber duckies on the window sill, and my father eventually found it after I missed spotting it about four times. (This may explain why I can never find anything..)

Pig egg

Pig egg Pig egg Pig egg

It’s a little piggy, I managed to put his tail on upside down.

Landscape egg

Field egg Field egg Field egg

This was where inspiration ran out. So I painted a blue sky with green grass and flowers.

All eggs

The crew made a good egg salad.

For this occasion I also made some egg-cups by cutting up an egg carton, spray painting it with the only spray paint I owned (black) and adding three layers of varnish. Some have one long pointy bit, others have two rabbit ears. I quite like these also. After the three coasts of varnish, they are now quite sturdy, and according to the packet should be able to handle some water, but I haven’t tested that.

Egg cup Egg cup Eggs in cups


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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