Leather Revanche (and Dinosaur!)

Remember the first watch from my Watching the Watches post? If you don’t remember that doesn’t matter, just know that it was a new concept but somewhat of a failure, unfortunately. So I needed to make something that would allow the pointy concept that I had to work. During the end of a day-long workshop I doodled part of the design. A few days after my return from the workshop I managed to copy the bottom part such that I had a continuous and symmetrical design. It took a few more days for it to be executed, but I finally have a pointy watchband that actually works!

Design and front Design and back

You can see the design on the right. I stuck that on my leather and just cut the paper and leather at the same time. This worked remarkably well actually. I reused the buckle from an older attempt where I used smaller rivets, which made my skin turn green, not a useful band as such. I hammered in the rivet, punched a hole in the strap and called it a day.

Top Bottom

The defining element was only added 20 minutes ago during an attempt at cleaning up my room. I’d finally pulled the ‘I give up’-box out of its corner to clear away the contents. The ‘I give up’-box is used to hold all the little bits and bobs that take to long to clear away to their rightful place when in a hurry. If at some point I feel that I need to clear up and quickly, the ‘I give up’-box appears and stuff that needs to be moved from whatever space it is currently occupying gets put inside and the whole box goes in a corner – Instant Neat! It was time for sorting out the box and I found a dinosaur earring. Now, without holes in your ears, dinosaur earrings don’t really have much use. However, a dinosaur on a watch, that is the ultimate awesome. For evidence, see below!


Tadaah! Dinosaur! I also accidentally made the watch band completely skip the protruding wrist bone which makes it wear nicely. So happy accidents all around!

Now, let’s try to finish those pesky jeans and the sweater I started almost 2 weeks ago for which there is only one more skein and about 15-20 cm of ribbing to go!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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