Owls, on a Hat!

Owls were promised and will be delivered!

Owl + colour

After roaming Ravelry and several blogs for some time now, I’ve seen the Owls sweater by Kate Davies a number of times now. I’ve always wanted to knit something like it, but the combination of not really liking a neckline like that and not wanting to buy more appropriate yarn has stopped me. I’d been thinking about if for some time on and off. Then one day, my colleague who also reads blogs, said something about me being the only one who she could imagine knitting it. So I explained the neckline problem and set out to find a solution.

Said solution was found in the Owl Beanie (Eulen Beanie) pattern on Ravelry.  It had the owls, in an amount that was manageable, only needed one ball of yarn, and I actually wear hats quite a lot. I had bought a ball of yarn not very long before in a gray ‘stonewashed’ look, or so it claimed. I figured it would look good in gray. I did (again) make a few changes to the pattern, namely adding a brim (from the Sam Hat), extending the ribbing and making a swirl on the top. I’ve kept notes in the Ravelry project here. The picture at the top is the closest colour match.

Front Side

I also added a number of buttons, two for each owl that came from my stash and fit perfectly, in my opinion. And a blue one from the stash to the top, to cover and hide the hole left over from binding off. This picture shows of the button and the swirl.


I like the way it looks and the way it wears, I put elastic in the bottom to keep it on my head. I had maybe 2 meters of yarn left over at the end of the project so that was very efficient too. What I find the most magical about the hat is that people don’t generally notice the owls until I point them out. I guess it’s not something others look for in hats…

Apparently I’m into knitting lately, at least that’s what the last three posts show. It’s true, I’ve restarted an old Gaia sweater that I’d thrown in a corner, I’m knitting socks on my almost weekly Harry Potter watching sessions and I’m thinking about starting a project with some blueish yarn that similar to the red, green, yellow and white that I’ve used before. I’m also still working on those jeans (finishing pockets, seaming and belt loops left to do), so there is stuff happening! Happy crafting!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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