Some people are natural heaters, some people are natural freezers. I’m a freezer, which means that I’m cold a lot. So, I’m always looking for that extra layer. At long last I figured out I needed a bolero. I re-found the Your Style Rocks free pattern ‘Our Own Pretty Ways‘, a hooded bolero pattern. I like hood and I liked the style of this one, so I decided to make it.

First step was printing it out and taping it together, that went swimmingly. Then cutting out the pattern pieces and figuring out the fabric. I wanted to see if it could fit on the fabric left over from the red dress, and it did! I did have to eliminate the hood lining, but I found a solution for that. It sewed together easily, I made it basically in one evening, with an hour or  so for additional finishing. These patterns always seem to go together well (at least the two I’ve tried).

Close Hood

I made two main changes. The first was not lining the hood. I didn’t have enough fabric for a full lining, and I quite liked the pop of the red. I solved the exposed seams issue by cutting a strip to go over the centre back seam of the hood. I also cut a second front of the hood as a type of facing in order for the drawstring to be applied. The second change was to cut of the end of the sleeves and apply them like the bottom band. I thought that would be a nicer finish. I also stitched along those seams again to create a coverstitch type look (and to keep the seam allowances out of the way). There are three hooks and eyes to close the front and shoelaces as drawstrings.

 Stitching Bolero close

I like how it looks, and I sort of feel like Morticia Adams with the long sort of bell sleeves..

Bolero front Bolero back

I also quite like it with the red dress from yesterday. Which means that I might actually be able to wear the red dress to work, or something. Maybe not, we’ll see. They are getting used to my ‘interesting’ clothing choice, I think.

Dress bolero

I’m also knitting cable socks, planning plaid pants, making cards and working on my coat, so hopefully I’ll have something to post soon again.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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