The Red Dress

Some time ago I bought a very pretty knit fabric, one side was red, the other side was black. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, it was too pretty to simply make a t-shirt, to light to make a real sweater, and I had no inspiration. However, at some point in November, I realised I needed a new outfit for a party.

The story for that is the following. My dad turned 65 this year, and in the Netherlands you get your first payment from state pension three months after your 65th birthday. We decided that it was sufficient enough a reason for a party, especially as the birthday itself was not really celebrated. So it called for an outfit.

I scoured the internet and my stash of pattern magazines. I couldn’t find anything. Last ditch effort was looking through all my pinterest boards to see if I liked anything. And, surprise! I did! It was this pin that set me off, and I soon found the back by clicking through to the original listing. I decided to recreate that dress in the red/black fabric, as I thought a contrast flap would be nice. I also found 11 shiny silver coloured buttons that I figured were perfect.

Insides Shiny button

The pattern I used was my t-shirt pattern, lengthened such that it was one meter long, then I freehanded a seam to mimic the original. I also made sure I had two centre fronts and two centre backs, to be able to clean finish the flaps. The stretch is along the width, not along the length so sewing the seams was clean sailing. I did in the end take out quite large chunks along the back seams to counteract (what I think is a) swayback. I did not feel like sewing buttonholes in this fabric, and as it is stretchy I can get it on over my head, so there was no need for closures. This is the end result:

Dress front Dress back

I like it, it is comfortable and quite warm due to the doubling of the centre panels. People at the party also liked it, so that was good! Next up, different project from the same fabric.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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