It currently feels very autumny (i.e. rainy), in the Netherlands. This would usually not be a problem, with me having central heating and a roof over my head. However, I will set off again this Friday for some larping. Rain and larp are, in my opinion, not a good combination for a few reasons. First, I get cold ridiculously fast and generally don’t warm up by myself, and rain is cold. Second, rain makes things wet. Not all my things are waterproof, ergo, my stuff gets wet. Some of the stuff won’t mind, but other stuff does mind. My feet for example, aren’t usually covered by the most waterproof substances out there in the world. So when the setting up crew posted the picture below to Facebook, I had to think of a plan, stat!


Now, we are all hoping that the rain stops quickly and doesn’t return until, say, Wednesday. The other thing we are hoping for is that the water that is now there will drain away quickly. However, in case thing two doesn’t happen, I need something that will keep the feet dry. To accomplish this, I decided to purchase rubber boots. I do own red rubber boots, but they are at my parents house, so that doesn’t work very well.

This plan did pose another problem.. Rubber boots don’t do very well in a medieval setting, especially when they have a floral design (couldn’t find plain black ones in my size). I need to cover those babies up with something. So in the same shop (where they have EveryThing), I also bought a faux fur pillow case, thinking that I could make some faux fur boots. I basically drew around the boots, added some length to the top, cut it and sewed it. Then I attached elastic at two points in order to keep the cover on the boot. I’ll let you know if they worked out!

On and off Bottom

Most left is the boot, without cover, middle left a boot with cover, middle right the bottom elastic and most right another boot with cover. You can see the ‘improvement’ the cover provides. At least when you consider them needing to be semi appropriate in a medieval setting. The other improvement is that the top doesn’t cut into your leg when there is a layer of faux fur in between. Now off to bed to see if I can get enough sleep to get the remainder of my stuff ready in time for tomorrow.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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