Forgotten Graduation Dress

While writing the beginnings of the next post, I found out that I’d never told you about the Graduation dress I made for this years Summer Graduation (this was June…). I still want to because I really like that dress.

Years ago I was wondering around the interwebs looking for nice patterns when I found the Eva Dress pattern by Your Style Rocks. I thought it was really nice, especially since I like cowls. It also seemed fairly easy to put together, so for last summer’s graduation I decided to make it. It started as about 2 meters of black knit fabric with horizontal wavy stripes in red, yellow, blue and green. I cut out the pieces, but made some modifications.

  1. Shortening the dress before even cutting it out, I’m only 158 cm (5’2”, approx.) and skirts hitting below the knees isn’t too flattering for me. So I took off around 9 cm.
  2. Using only the lining piece from the middle section but reversing it to serve as the actual middle piece. I didn’t really like the gathers and didn’t think it would work in this fabric. I also put it on the crossgrain to create some difference.
  3. I added a hook and eye to the back, where the instructions tell you to sew a pleat.

It went together really easily and hemming actually wasn’t a disaster either, although it is quite a deep hem. Yay! I like the shape, the skirt is the right length, I like the colours, I’ve actually worn it to other events too and I think it’s just cute.

Front Back

Here you can see the front and the back of the dress. I’m still not entirely sure if placing the middle on the cross grain was a good idea, but I also don’t really care I think. You can also see the pleat in the back.

Neck Hook & Eye

Some details, the cowl neck, which may be a little wide, but it’s fun to wear. Also, the hook and eye that holds the pleat in place.


Last but not least, this is how deep I needed to hem it. I did serge all the insides, but I think my serger is a little on the fritz so it’s not always very pretty. Next post will be the Convocation dress, the dress I made for this week’s official event.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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