Winter Sweater in Summer

The Wibra is a Dutch shop that sells loads of different things. They also have a cabinet with different types of yarn. The assortment changes quite regularly, so I stop in from time to time to check if they have something interesting available. Not very long ago, I went by and found some yarn called Bella. It’s characteristics are 75% acrylic and 25% wool, about 62 meters per 100 gram and it should be knitted up on size 8-10 mm needles. I took some balls of the brown/beige-ish colour way because it looked nice.

Then I went online to see if I could find a nice pattern in a super bulky yarn that I wanted to knit up. I stumbled upon this pattern, 135-23 Ginny, on ravelry here. These are the notes for my project. I’m not very good at religiously keeping notes though. The reason I chose the project because I always seem to knit up stuff that leave my neck cold. This sweater had a really nice collar, and was knitted in the round. I decided to make an attempt at getting it to work.

So I knit up a swatch on my new size 10 circulars, bought especially for the project, and found my gauge too big. So I recalculated the pattern to suit my gauge. I started with a provisional cast on, from youtube. I also made sure to decrease a little extra to get a slightly more fitted look. I didn’t do the stripes because the fabric is busy enough.

Front Back

I knitted/’drafted?’ set in sleeves myself, as the pattern wanted sew in, but I don’t like seaming at all. I roughly based it upon the tutorial found here. After knitting the entire sweater, the cuffs and hem were knitted. I cast off using this and this very helpful tutorials. I used about 5 balls to make the entire thing. Above is what it looks like. You can’t really see the collar very well, so I’m thinking about knitting a similar one up in a more solid yarn.

Collar Cuff

These are some detail shots of the neck and cuffs. I’ve worn it once now when it was quite cold, and really liked it. It’s nice and warm, it covers the neck sufficiently, but it isn’t boring. While I don’t know if I’d call it flattering necessarily, it doesn’t look massively too large for my frame I think.

I wore it a while ago as we’ve been having an official heatwave in the past week. I thought I’d died and gone to hell, it was that hot. So I, of course, had decided that I needed to knit another sweater, from this yarn type but in blue/green shades. That on my lap was even worse, but I hope to show you that finished project soon too!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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