Red Diamond Sweater

A dud was knitted. *sad face*

I’d found this free pattern, the Diamond Girl Knitted Top by Julie Farmer, on ravelry here and decided that it would be awesome to knit, especially in red. So I cast on and found out that my cast on wasn’t nearly stretchy enough. I kept on knitting though, but eventually removed the cast on edge while keeping the already knit rest. I figured this was like a provisional cast on right? So I could always go back and cast off the edge later. I think I also was off gauge, so it knit up a little big. This is the link to my ravelry page about it.

I changed some of the sizing on the front, by decreasing, there is no shaping in this originally and there was very little in my version. I decided to knit up the sleeves full length because I absolutely abhor elbow length sleeves. They are too short to be warm and too long to be short and comfortable. I would be continually trying to pull them down or push them up again.

Diamond front Diamond Back

Once I sewed it up, I finished the hems of sleeves and body. I decided the knit some extra short rows on the back to cover the butt a little more. I decided to leave the neck alone. So, while I liked the picture of the sample, I’m not a big fan of my own version. I feel that it’s overly large and unflattering. See the example above. Ps. The white that shines through are the letters on my shirt. Below, I’ve tried to show that it needs quite a lot removed in order to be a little more fitted.

Pulled in Pull tight

I don’t think I necessarily want to wear it very often. So might just donate it to somewhere for someone to love more than I do. I don’t feel like frogging the whole thing as the yarn also isn’t something that’s terribly dear to me. I also don’t feel like trying to fix all the bits I don’t like, as that would mean frogging it completely. All in all, this one just isn’t a success. Luckily the next one I knit, is a success!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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