MMM ’15 Week 4 and the end

During the last bits of May, many knitted projects were worn. I seem to like them a lot.

Friday May 22

Friday May 22

Both the grey pants and the holey sweater made an appearance on this work day.

Saturday May 23

Saturday May 23

On the way to my parents house I wore the Harry Potter sweater again, which I apparently only wrote a draft post for, I’ll update it soon enough. I’d packed mostly me mades to be able to wear them in my mini-holiday.

Sunday May 23

Sunday May 24

Pre-blog grey pants and the Harry Potter sweater again. However, it was so hot that day that most of the day was spent without said sweater but with a lot of sun screen.

Monday May 24

Monday May 25

Pentecost Monday, double threat of grey sweater and a striped shirt.

Tuesday May 25

Tuesday May 26

I went to the Efteling, the Dutch Disneyland. Due to heat I shed the grey sweater during the day, but kept on wearing the striped shirt and green pants.

Wednesday May 26

Wednesday May 27

Simple jeans and hole sweater. I still really like this combination.

Thursday May 27

Thursday May 28

The January 2015 graduation dress. I think there may have been a group visit at work or something like that.

Thursday May 28

Friday May 29

An occurance of the queen’s shirt. I really like this one. It’s comfortable.

Saturday May 30

Saturday May 30

The tester dress! I enjoy wearing this one, although I’m not sure the white tights are a good match.

Sunday May 31

Sunday May 31

I think I forgot to take a picture of the actual outfit, so you see part of the coloured pyjamas that I’ve been wearing for part of May, the fake fur cape and the Harry Potter sweater.

All in all I enjoyed forcing myself to wear me-mades, even the dresses and skirts. It does take some getting used too, but I definitely see that I prefer to wear sweaters, pants and shirts, even though I prefer to make dresses and skirts for some reason. I should definitely continue rotating the leg-less outfits into daily wear and should knit some more sweaters to wear. I’ll show you the first failure of the resolution with the dress I made for graduation tomorrow.



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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