Kiwi Presents

So what do you do when you seen an invite for a colourful party on your colleagues desk? You probably don’t offer to make a kiwi necktie. Well, I did, quite a while ago, but only recently did I manage to get my butt of the chair and get to work!


Remember when I made my green pants? If you don’t, or have never seen it before, check the goodness out here! These pants have a belt/sash type thing made from a kiwi fabric, on the bias. While cutting out the sash,  I didn’t pay enough attention to how many pieces I needed. This meant that I have had the fabric for another sash in my stash, cut out and all, since August 2013. I’d just found the bit back again when I made the offer.

Then I postponed, and postponed and postponed.. Then I couldn’t find the fabric anymore. Then I found it again, and, vaguely remembering something about the party being in May, set out to create it.

You may know that we Dutchies celebrate the birth of our reigning monarch each year. This year this was on April 27 and I’d made arrangements to be with my parents that weekend. I brought along my sewing stuff and got to work. I started by finding a tutorial (this one) and simply cutting the sash ends to be straight angles. I fused interfacing to the thing and followed the tutorial by adding lining bits and sewing those on. Then I folded the sides to the middle, it turned out that the ‘thin’ end was too thick, so I thinned it somewhat. I sewed it all by hand and once the tie was tie shaped, I added a label that said handmade for you.



Cute, right! It also holds the tie end, when the tie is knotted. The bottom lining piece is another kiwi, which I find a nice touch!


My colleague was really quite happy with it, or so it seemed. He also got a lot of compliments from random people, which he found very interesting. He’s head of the financial department, so he’s a real permanent suit and tie kinda guy. Anyway, here is his smiley face!

Kiwi tie


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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