Night Clown

I have just finished the most colourful object I have ever created. It makes me look like a clown and it will serve as pyjamas. This also means that I now have part of a permanent carnaval costume that is multifunctional!

The story goes as follows: At some point in time, I figured out that pyjamas without standing collars leave your neck cold. I made the owl pyjamas without collar and while they are wonderful, that bit of me stays cold. So I wanted to get some more 1 euro/meter flannel-esque fabric with some fancy pattern on it, like the owls from before.

So one morning, I woke up my father and convinced him that he wanted to go with me to the fabric market. We had a fun morning out and I found the most wonderful flannel I’ve ever seen. It’s striped with the following extremely bright colours: yellow, orange, green, blue, red and purple. It had to become pyjamas!

I just bought 18 second hand pattern magazines in a shop around here (for 20 cents a piece), and thus had enough choice for a fresh pyjama top pattern. I chose a pattern from the 7-2010 issue of Burda Style, nr 122, a three quarter length sleeve blouse with attached sleeves.

February 2015 2 pattern

I started a few days ago and it actually went really fast to trace and assemble. I did add some additional length to the sleeves because I believe three quarter length sleeves are evil. They leave the wrists cold. I finished all the insides with serging so it’s really nice on the insides too.


I did think about the collar, but I accidentally put it in the wrong way round, I wanted the yellow/green side to show. However, it’s usually the red side now. I also chose to do different coloured buttons. Mainly because I couldn’t find enough fancy coloured ones in my stash.


And this is the completed thing.


On to the pants! I’m going to be a full clown at night!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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