Another Hat

What do normal people do when their ears are cold? They find something to cover their ears, something from their cupboard maybe? Not me, oh no, not me. I decide to turn the scarf I’m knitting into a hat, that was much faster  than walking to the closet, not …

However, the hat making exercise had good results, if you ask me. I was knitting a scarf from a thick acrylic yarn (100 m per 200 gram), 15 stitches or 17.5 cm wide, in seed stitch, I think. I had finished about 40 cm of scarf before I transformed it into a hat. The method I chose was simple, measure the head and knit that much in seed stitch. Then I picked up stitches along one of the longer ends and knit 4 rows of 1×1 rib and bound off in a stretchy bind off. I seamed the back together and ‘gathered’ the top edge with the leftovers of the seaming yarn. I then made a nice little pompom because I still had yarn left over. I attached the pompom to the yarn and had a nice, warm, slouchy, green hat.


My forehead and nose are still extremely interesting. I get it. Anyways, it’s a much richer deeper green in real life. However, the light in the winter is crap and the flash didn’t make it much better. So trust me that the colour is actually pretty wonderful.


And this is the back seam (somewhat to the left of the centre in this picture) and the cute pompom on top. It actually dangles on a bit of yarn so it can bounce around and everything.

I still have a top hat that I need to update in some way. It’s really old and quite dusty and dirty, so you may get another hat post in the future. But don’t keep your fingers crossed. I’m slow in starting daunting projects.. I do have another knitted project that I need to show, but because I’m celebrating the holidays soon I might not get around to it.

In the spirit of Christmas or whatever holiday you prefer to celebrate, I wish you some very nice days and a fantastic new year. Enjoy crafting and being hopefully creative!



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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One Response to Another Hat

  1. Yvonne says:

    Leuk weer, knap wat je allemaal verzint en uitvoert

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