Prompted Crafting

I have been busy over the past weeks. I’ve been busy knitting (a sweater, I now only need to do the one sleeve and shorten the other sleeve), quilting (making the top for a bed-foot quilt) and embroidering (what you will see in a little bit). What I will show you today was made over the course of 1 evening after having tidied up all my sewing stuff.

This was because I found my embroidery floss and a loop. Then I remembered that a friend had complained that the toilet seat came down on him when he was trying to pee. This is of course a very dangerous situation, pee might go everywhere! (This is dangerous because cleaning is not my most prized hobby, so I’d rather avoid it where not necessary). However, it isn’t always immediate obvious that the seat will come down again. I blame it on the house that is as crooked as a witches nose.

Click on the video to see what I mean. Do not that there is a toilet in  this video, so if you.. hate toilets, it’s not safe to watch.

Now, I decided that I had to protect myself and the male population from this annoying fact, so I made a nice little embroidered piece of wisdom to hang above the toilet. My bathroom has about 25 things where I can something, so there was bound to be space somewhere.


It says: “Boys, please sit or be surprised by the lid!”. Lid rhymed, even though it should be “seat”. Cheer for some inaccuracy (I prefer the rhymyness over the accurary)! I quite like these one-night-quick-fix-projects. However, let me try and finish the sweater before real winter sets in..


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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