Knitting a Lady

To me, Myrna is a girl’s name. I think I actually know one although I’m not sure of the spelling anymore (primary school seems so long ago..). However, when I saw the OAL posted by Lladybird (here), I couldn’t help but be impressed by the pretty red knit that fellow Outfit Along (hence OAL, I guess?)-host Andi had made and designed. I wanted one, for sure. So I bought it on Ravelry, I believe that was my first time purchasing anything there, and it went well..

For some reason I decided that gray/grey would be the best choice, although I now believe I should have just started a red version. My original Ravelry notes are here, if anyone is interested. I had to cancel on the first attempt because the armholes almost went to my navel. But by sizing down and removing 8 rows where there were no increases or decreases I managed to make something that actually fits, it doesn’t help that my rowgauge is of by about a mile. I like it a lot, although I cannot help thinking about running a thin ribbon through the holes or something.

I learned a new method of knitting sleeves, with short rows already attached to the bodice. I do not wish to return to the old method of having to set in sleeves that were separately knitted ever again. I found I wasn’t dreading the whole sewing sleeves on part, so I’d like to adopt this method as favourite, so far anyways.

The weather on the day I finished this gray thing was weird, one moment cloudy (left) and one moment extremely sunny (right). This made picture-taking even more difficult than usual. But below you can find the front of the thing, and then the front again.


Next we’ll see the back with the cute little hole in it, I adore this feature!


Here it is inside and out (I think, I weaved in the ends so I don’t know for sure anymore), you won’t be able to spot the little ribbon I sewed along one of the button bands for stabilisation. In a later picture this will visible clearer.


This is the set in sleeve, I did a good job I think.


Also that ribbon and the buttons I chose. I like how the buttons almost disappear.


I am very proud for actually finishing this thing, and in so short a time period too! Ravelry says I took a month and a half. Of course it helps that the sleeves and the body were short, but I enjoyed knitting this thing on the round needles. I have cast on another one, I’m not sure yet if that will get finished, but I hope so!






About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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