I interrupt the backpack journal for a message: HAPPY EASTER!!

As known (here and here), I celebrate Easter by having my parents hide painted and chocolate eggs in the yard. Yesterday I painted the eggs, this year, 6 eggs were chosen  (since we were only with three). Only one egg split, so that had to have some alternative colouring. I had fun, even though it took a while for my water based paints to dry between coats. Hereby, I present to you: Easter Eggs 2014!

To start, welcome Ladybug/Turtle into your heart. She is half ladybug (red with black spots and a black head) and half turtle (green with brown stripes). She’s a bit ambivalent about living quarters. Sometimes she just wants to fly while at other times that is a bit too fast. Most of the time she manages to find a spot that is *just right*

Ladybird Turtle

Next up: Deep in the Sea! Blue with fish (some have run a bit, but I still love her). Deep in the Sea prefers the more aquatic of environments. Its occupants like to show off and don’t mind some water pressure one little bit.

Fish 2 Fish 1

Followed by: Garden (flowers, grass, butterfly and the sun) and its good friend: Stripes! Stripes often joins garden when they lay around in the grass absorbing the sun’s rays and generally enjoying life.

Garden 3 Garden 2 Garden 1  Stripes

The split one: The Man! He was created with a permanent smile in his face, a pretty bow tie, blue hair and dotty clothes! He’ll never be unhappy but might be a little mischievous.

The man The man

Last but not least: Dotty Beachball! Quartered up into different colours with dots in the previous colour. She likes to sunbathe and smell some sea every now and again.

Spotty beachball Spotty beachball

Here they are all together. They would like to wish you a happy Easter too!




About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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