Pyjamas again (Part 2)

Let us continue with the second installment of Pyjamas again. The first was started here and concerned the pants of my new pyjamas. This section will cover the top and will show the full owlage at the bottom of the post.

Having never made pyjama tops I first had to figure out what I wanted. 1. Owls (that one was easy), 2. Long sleeves (otherwise cold.. brrr), 3. Wide (more room to move), 4. Buttons down the front (easy to loosen if it is too hot), 5. Buttons that would not stick out too much, 6. A pattern. Turned out that that last one was the most difficult. I ended up with two options, but for one the pattern sheet had gone.. missing. So the last option was picked.

Now, I think I could have done it a smarter way, by adding more width to the sides or something. I chose not to do that, I chose to just trace the size 42, instead of 36 and call it a day. This was the pattern used:


After tracing and fighting with the pattern placement on the fabric “I want an owl on the front and on the back”, it was all cut out. Luckily the serger still worked so I serged it all together. Then decided that the sleeves were much too wide, so I chopped about half off. Then I decided it was way and way to big in the back neck, so I took a pleat out of there, which you can see in the picture below. This solved quite a few neckline problems.


I finally added buttons, brown ones, sewed the facing down and hemmed it. The fantastic results can be found below.

Top Top back

Yes, I know it looks like a chaos of different shaped jars and things. They hold all kinds of bits and bobs that don’t fit in drawers anymore. Behind them are old computers and music things and my pattern binders. This is a corner of my sewing room, sad thing is that this is the cleaned up state. Ah well, as my auntie said (paraphrased): Projects always make a mess, if a project room is completely clean, nothing is going on. I’ve kept that in mind a bit too well I guess. Anyway, the top of the shirt actually matches, sort of at least. It’s also very neatly finished on the inside (and you can still see the owl!).

Top button Innards

Last but not least, here is the full owl compilation. Everything owl!

Owlage front Owlage back

This was the end of the Pyjamas again (short) series. See you next time for Leopard jiu-jitsu jackets! (Yes, I’m running behind-ish on posts, which is why I know what is going to happen..)




About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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