Pyjamas again (Part 1)

I like pyjamas. I like sleeping in them, I like walking about the house in them and I sometimes even venture outside in them (though rarely). I also find that I like sewing pyjamas because I can make them as large and long as I want, with pants that is the case anyway. So the last time I went to the fabric market, I also got 3 meters of owly flannely stuff. I have since finished both pants and the jacket, but the pants were done first so they will be blogged first.

Here we go!

I like my pyjama bottoms long and wide, I used the same pattern as for the previous iterations (here and here). I laid my pattern such that there would be two owls on the front of the pants and one on the back, while attempting to keep an owl intact that was printed further down and I wanted to keep whole. It took days for the cutting to occur. I wasn’t really feeling it, then the switch was flicked and it was all done and dusted within a couple of hours.

I serged all the seams, as I managed to figure out the correct tension! This was an achievement only accomplished after an hour of fiddling, I finally succeeded after replacing the needle… Why did I not think of that sooner.. After the needle change it was only 2 more tries to get something decent enough to serge the entire thing with. I serged the bottom and folded it over as hem. Inserted elastic in the casing before sewing the casing and Tada! Pants! With Owls!

Proof is here:

Owl front Owl back

Again, not the most flattering of pants, but they are nice and warm and if everything else fails I can point at the owl! One thing I did change from the previous versions was adding a back pocket (just one). The second picture shows the outline of said pocket because it’s camouflaged (sort of). I wanted a pocket because I often wander around the house and not having pockets is not very nice, to say the least.

Owl pocket Pocketses

Here is a close up of the owls that are on my new pants. Aren’t they cute?!


The next installment of Pyjamas again will cover the jacket and total owliness of my new PJs.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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