Last weekend, after I’d gotten up on Saturday because I heard the bread seller tooting his horn (literally), my father asked me to go to the fabric market in Utrecht with him. He wanted to get some fabric for a curtain. We’ve inherited the curtains from my grandmother but they only covered two of the windows in the living room. We, therefore, kept the old blue curtain to cover the window in the back door. After years of dogs jumping at it and just generally old age, there were enormous tears in that curtain. It was taken off and we’ve been living without one on the door. Curtains seem to help with keeping heat in, so we wanted a new one.

After measuring the door, taking pictures of the other curtains (see below) and jumping on the train, we wandered over the entire market looking for something to match the curtains. We found some nice blue; not enough left, some nice red; not enough left and then we found the stuff we wanted. One problem, I thought blue would be better. My dad wanted yellow. His house his choice, so six meters of yellow went home with us. We also got some easy curtain making tape stuff: you sew it on and pull the strings and it makes pleats for you.

Curtain detail Curtain

For myself, I got two lining fabrics, one for my pants (which I cannot try on for fit well because it itches so much, so it still isn’t finished) and one for the jacket that I’m supposed to make to go with the pants. I also got some flannel like stuff with owls on, for new pyjamas.

As soon as we got home, my dad said: It should have been blue. Well, we didn’t have blue, we had yellow, but we still like it. My mother and I worked on the curtain on Sunday. We’d cut it in half, sewed those bits together (to make it 3×3 instead of 1.5×6), hemmed the sides, added the tape and then put it on the rail in order to hem the bottom. It was hanging there, unfinished, until Saturday morning. We were going to host the new years party for the street, so I wanted the curtains done. My mum and I hemmed it by hand and I finished the tape nicely. So our nice yellow curtains are now hanging in the living room.

New curtain New curtain

With that project done, I had time and eventually energy to start work on the owly pyjamas. See those here soon.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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