Pouches and Globes

Yes, pouches and globes are an odd combination. In this case they do not even remotely belong together, apart from the fact that they were made in (approximately) the same month. The pouch is boring, the globe maybe less? So read on below the pouch pics if you want to know about a home assembled globe.

I made an additional little pouch for those necessities that you want in your bag at all times, but you’d rather have together than floating around separately. This involved cutting a square, serging the edges where the zipper would go, sewing in said zipper and serging the remaining edges. This was a 15 minute project at best, but it saved my sanity. This is the, super sexy of course, since I used a scrap of my Mondriaan fabric, result:

Pouch back Pouch front

So, on to the cool stuff. Globes. I love them, especially old yellow ones. I don’t own any really old ones, or really any fancy ones, but I plan on having a nice wooden library room with a book-case with a ladder and my (to be assembled) collection of yellow globes. This is of course a long-term plan. My current collection is a sky globe that turns in all directions, a yellow normal globe which also turns in many directions, a magnetic puzzle globe, a glass etched little globe ball an a globe key chain. It’s not much but I like it. I have, however, managed to add some additional elements. Two new/old paper globes.

The other day I discovered this website, which houses a collection of paper automata and more. It also had the makings of several globes which you can assemble and construct at home. My first attempt was difficult since I didn’t have the right glue, so it’s wonky. This is it from three angles:

Original ball 1 Original ball 2 Original ball 3 Globe collection

Today, I tried again, using a stickier glue. However, it still gaps where the hemispheres are stuck together, I will find a solution soon. The bottom right picture is the entire collection, hanging left is my most recent ball, while the first attempt is at the right. I will make more paper ones, once I figure out how to make them look nicer and find the right paper and glue (Paper Pino also has bigger versions!! E.g. here, here and here).

I shall collect more!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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