Winter is Coming!

While you may think from the previous post that my head is still in summer land, it is actually cold over here. I don’t particularly like the cold, so the last time (I think?) I was at the fabric market, I bought a meter of something red, thick and stretchy. I figured I might be able to make a sweater out of it. Well, my size turned out to be a blessing, since I could actually get a long-sleeved sweater out of that 1 meter. If I’d been only a little bit hippier, it would not have fit!

I chose to use my t-shirt pattern and just elongate the arms. Why do it the hard way, right? Then I copied the hood of a sweater I’ve bought and futzed a bit to get the hood to fit in the neck hole. In the end, it all worked out. I had the body of the sweater lying in my room since Monday, but I was a bit scared to attach the (finished) hood. I bit the bullet today and attached it. It worked the first try! Then I wanted to make thumb holed cuffs. So I found myself a tutorial (this one, thanks!). I only had to redo the first one three times. 1st time: I did the second seam the wrong way round because I was too stubborn to read the instructions carefully. 2nd time, it went right but the opening was a bit big, so I ripped it all out and for take 3, I angled the seam and that worked fine! The second one worked in one go! Yay, for learning. Lastly, I attached a bottom band. Red T-shirt Sweater Hoody thing is a reality!

Front and back, naturally.

Front Back

Thumb hole and insides. I only sewed a few bits with my sewing machine (inside of the cuffs and bottom band, ‘topstitching around the hood’ and the pointy bit where the hood attaches), the rest was done with the serger. I only have white or black thread, there was white still in it and I was too lazy to switch, nor did I care about the colour.

Thumbhole Insides

Hopefully I’m now ready for the real winter times! It should be quite warm!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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