KreaDoe 2013

Weird title, you may think.. Well, it sort of is, we spell crea(tief/tive) with a c usually, and the Doe (Do) is somewhat ambitious, but all in all, KreaDoe is quite a fun fair where you can find all kinds of stalls that sell things for creative hobbies.

One of my friends and I decided to go there to see what it was all about, and possibly buy some stuff. We were both on a budget but managed to keep to it. KreaDoe is filled with all kinds of stalls. Scrapbooking (pass quickly), Beading (stare at everything), Candle making (eeeh.. no), Embroidery (fun! Too expensive), Knitting/Crochet (fun colours but no), Felting (weird, but maybe when I’ve got residual time?) and some unique things.

There were also some stalls where you could follow a workshop. My friend and I chose to do two free workshops, since free is better. We made an artistic bread basket and coloured a Christmas ornament. The bread basket was a bit weird, you got a round batted fabric thing, with 4 areas that you could tie such that they stood up. We got some ‘colours everything’ pens and got to draw. I chose to do 4 different things on the sides, but there were people doing peacocks and owls and all kinds of things. There were some examples so I just took some of them and drew them on my breadbasket.

Here they are,  whales and owl, squirrel and ‘green monster’ (I like this one best).

Whales Owl Squirrel Monster

This is the full thing and how it looks ‘set up’.

Basket Basket

The second thing was to use some permanent markers to draw on a plastic christmas tree ball. I chose to do dotted lines, with a pair of scissors at the bottom. I had quite some fun, my friend drew an angel and stars. It was quite funny.

Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3

Super sexy ball this is. Note the little scissors in the last picture.

All in all we enjoyed the fair, even though we didn’t buy a lot. We did get some inspiration for things to craft at home. We are so going to make either a castleball or a nutcastle (this or this) and we might cover a day planner with a nice fabric.

We had a fun day out, and I think it’s worth repeating.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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