Next Step

Remember, eons ago, when I spoke about my sheep? I have finally acquired the elements for the next step in the sheep to something process. For in order to start spinning wool, one has to (apparently) card the wool. This is done with spikey boards with handles, and they are spikey. So while trying out my two new toys, I managed to hurt myself again. When I tried to pull the wool of the carders, I managed to get the spikes into my right middle finger, not once, not twice, every time. After a while I had to quit because on the last try I managed to actually draw blood. Figured that was not the goal of the exercise. I now start carding only when I’m wearing plasters on said finger.

These are the carders and the loot from the first night.


I hope though, that I can continue on the road to having a something made from my own sheep. I have tracked down a spinning wheel that I can probably use, so maybe, maybe, I’ll end up with a something in the (relatively) near future.

Below are my fingers, especially the damaged one. If you don’t want to see, don’t scroll further down, it’s not that gruesome though, just a couple of red pin like pricks. By the way, I know that the pointy finger is strange, it met a door 18 years or so ago, and still hasn’t recovered. The blood on that one isn’t from the carders, though.



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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