Really Green Pants

Since I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with pants/jeans I figured that for this next pattern, I’d better try it out first. I decided to use the same fabric I used for my frog pouch (here).

It’s a pattern from the simplicity pattern magazine, I’m guessing that it also comes out as an individual pattern, but this is the picture:


I really like these pants. They are really comfortable, not too difficult to make and I only made two alterations. The first was to sew the waistband on 2 cm below the original seam line, this raised the crotch and made it look a lot neater. Next to that I angled the back waistband so it would hug my back better. This meant that I sewed the front to the back waistband on an angle, and thereby also had to cut of a little of the back leg panels at the top, but that wasn’t too difficult either. Now, the final product!


Excuse the mess.
Here are some details, though. On the left, a close up of the sash. It’s a kiwi fabric, which I though would match perfectly with the green in the pants. I feel it does. Next to that is the patch that I had to add to the right leg, because apparently there was a hole in my fabric before I started cutting, and I missed it completely. Now it’s a ‘design feature’ (and I love it!).

Sash Patch

As I said before, the insides are completely finished, both legs are flat felled and I enclosed all the other seams with their counterparts.

Insides 1 Insides 2

Lastly, the zip. I’m quite proud of this zip, it’s a side zip, which I’ve never done on pants before, but will in the future.


I’ve been wearing it for two days now, so excuse the wrinkles, but it’s really comfortable. I love the colour and it makes me feel happy. I guess that’s much more important than what other people think. So even if grass green isn’t your colour, I’ve decided that it is mine!

I’m also still working on the brown dress, hoping to finish that tonight!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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