Gifts – 5

This might not actually count as a gift. However, I did make it in the past two weeks and decided it was still something I made for someone else.

My mother was saying how the laundry pin bag I made last was too deep. You had to reach in quite far to get to the pins. So I decided to make a new one. I still had a scrap of a very sturdy green fabric (cotton, or so the guy said. It feels a bit like cardboard). I didn’t have any strapping on hand, so I decided to murder the old bag and just use that strapping.

This is the fancy new bag.


Yes, that was sarcasm. This bag is far from fancy, but it’s functional and that’s good enough for me.

This counts as a gift for my mother. There you go mum, have fun with the laundry now!
Hopefully the next post will concern a red patchwork bag that I hope to have finished soon, only the straps need to be attached. I should be able to do that in about 15 minutes..


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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