Gifts – 4 – Frog tutorial

So here I’ll document the process of producing this frog:

Frog open

For this tutorial you need:

– Stuff to draw (pen and paper/computer) or this drawing: Rabbit, Cat, Frog, Whale (these are all the pouches I made, seam allowances are not added)
– Stuff to sew (machine/needles/thread/scissors/pins)
– Embellishments (buttons/ribbon/zipper)

You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Frog tutorial-01

1. Design an animal and print it out/draw it twice. Then draw a line where you want the mouth to be and cut one of the heads open along this line. Add seam allowances.
2. Place the pieces on the fabric such that they fit.
3. Cut out the three pieces (back, front bottom and front top) from the main fabric.
4. Cut out the back piece from the lining.

Frog tutorial-02

5. Take the front bottom and align the zipper as in the picture. Upside down on the right side of the fabric.
6. Sew it in place using a zipper foot.
7. Put the needle down when you reach the zipper pull and raise the foot. You can then wiggle the pull past the foot and needle and continue sewing the seam.
8. Press the zipper seam. You can now also finish the seam with pinking or serging. 

Frog tutorial-03

9. Press the fabric to the bottom.
10. Align the zipper on the right side of the front top. Such that the front top and bottom line up. The zipper is again upside down.
11. Sew the zipper in place.
12. Press the seam front and back, finish the seam and press them to the top. The front is now sewn. 

Frog tutorial-04

13. Place the right side of the back on the right side of the front and pin them together apart from the area between the eyes.
14. Take ribbon and cut twice as much as the loop you want.
15. Make a loop of the ribbon.
16. Place the ribbon between the eyes of the frog. The loop should be pointing downwards, while the cut ends are at the seam. 

Frog tutorial-05

17. Pin the ribbon between the eyes.
18. Make sure the zipper pull is ‘inside the frog (see 19). Sew around the frog. Enforce the area of the ribbon. Watch out at the zipper. You do not want to sew through the metal parts of the zipper.
19. Press the seams
20. Place the lining over the front of the frog and pin in place.

Frog tutorial-06

21. Sew the lining a little outside the original seam line. Be sure to leave an opening somewhere (in this case I chose the bottom) to be able to turn it. Clip the curves (especially near the eyes).
22. Turn the frog outside out and back so it’s inside out. (This is fiddly, just try).
23. You now have a bit of lining left that is not attached.
24. Once you’ve found the lining opening, pin it. 

Frog tutorial-07

25. Sew the lining to the frog. I did this by hand.
26. Turn the frog outside out again.
27. Choose your eyes. These were the ones I considered. In the end I chose the bottom left. And sew them on. These are actually buttons surrounded by white curtain rings.

28. Appreciate your handiwork!

I had fun making this tutorial. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I haven’t a clue if it makes any sense what so ever. I did enjoy playing with illustrator and writing this up. Tomorrow the last instalment of Gifts.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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3 Responses to Gifts – 4 – Frog tutorial

  1. natmx88 says:

    I love this idea! I have made a couple of basic pouches this week for presents but this is great for the little ones! Thanks!

    • luus says:

      Thanks to you too! Although I cannot claim credit for the idea of animal pouches, I’d never seen the frog done before. I hope you enjoy making them!

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