New Project

I am officially going to graduate on the 31st of July. That doesn’t mean that I get my diploma then, but I will be allowed to put MSc. behind my name. I find this fairly exiting. I handed in my thesis on the 3rd of July, got my grade on the 4th of July and have had holiday since then. I haven’t done much in the way of job hunting. In combination with some other struggles it’s to difficult to even try.

So, when I went to the market on the Friday before last, I found myself a new hobby. The fabric guy had a table of 3 euro/m fabrics. Including some that screamed quilting to me. I invested in a yard each of 4 different fabrics. Three fabrics were the same print in a different colourway (scooters, motorbikes and gears), and the last was another print (farm animals). I looked through the library the following day for some intriguing patterns and eventually decided on one based on a pillow case.

The plan is the following:


The colours in the picture correspond roughly to the colours of the fabrics I chose. I have since finished making the brown/grey/dark blocks and I now have to cut the red strips and attach them. It’s going to be big, this thing. The brown bits are 10×10 cm cut, so ~8.6 by 8.6 cm sewn. The strips are 4 cm cut and 2.6 cm sewn. I hope it’s going to look nice. However, I don’t know yet. Below are the blocks that I’ve done.

Blocks Attempt at end product

This is my first attempt at quilting/patchwork. I enjoy doing it, although I do think it would be really nice to have a rotary cutter. I’ve now been hand cutting with scissors and marking each individual bit. That certainly took a while.

I might embroider some of the central animals in the brown panels with yellow and blue thread to break it up a bit. I’ll have to see how that looks though. I’ve also been following the Craftsy class on pant fitting, in hopes of finally producing good pants. I’ve started the muslin. I hope I get some good pants now… Enjoy the summer (or winter, or other season)!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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