Test version

During the last month of my thesis, I was also working on a dress. My mom found some old bedsheets and I grabbed them to act as a form of muslin type stuff, to test out clothes. I’ve had a vintage pattern (Simplicity 1076) in my drawer for a while now. The measurements on it were smaller than mine, so I figured I’d make it out of said bedsheets and test it out. I traced the 2 pattern pieces from the top and added a little width to the sides. Yes, bad method, I know, slash and spread and stuff – but I tissue fit the front and the darts seemed to hit at the right place. So I just added some more to the side seams.

For some reason the front skirt pieces still matched the front bodice pieces, so I cut those out as they were. I thought it would be the same for the back pieces, however, I was sadly mistaken. In order to not have to recut, I just let out the pleats a bit, and then it fit. I did my first actual blind zipper with my (relatively) new blind zip foot. Absolutely fantastic, very easy, very clean, very nice.

Got the dress on me, it was see through as hell. (What do you expect with million times washed bedsheets girl.) So I grabbed myself another bed thing and made a lining. The lining was much more stable then the toplayer so it really helps to give it some structure. Stitched it all together.. it was too big in the bodice. I felt like a fat little blob because it gave me no shape at all. In went those side seams, which looked better. Still had a huge amount of pooling at the lower back. What’s a girl to do. Take in more!! This time I took in the back darts. It really helped a lot. Got rid of the pooling and gave me a waist. I’m loving it now.

After all this chitchat, I hope you would like to see the dress. Here it is:

Front Back Insides

Front, back and inside view. For the insides I chose to pink all the seams (first time for everything right) and do a deep hem on both layers, mainly to make it fall right. I even hand sewed the hem, white thread and taking a stitch in the white stripes on the skirt. It’s completely invisible.

Oh.. where is that zipper  Full lining

Left is the back, with no obvious zipperage if you ask me, and right the full lining, nice and white, no more underwear on show.

So this dress now gives me a shape, it twirls, and it makes me happy. Even though it was meant as practice, I might now actually wear it. Moreover, I adapted my tracings such that making it again will be much quicker (hopefully) and I can make it in something that is.. age appropriate?

At least I enjoyed myself, and I’m proud for finishing something. At last.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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