Lessons from MMM ’13

So, what have I learned. It’s quite a lot actually.

1. I need more t-shirts, 3 just doesn’t cut it.
2. I need to adapt some things so they wear better.
3. I should chuck the things I really don’t want to wear.

I’ll pop a list here of the things I’ve not worn, why and what I’m going to do with them

Feb 11 skirt finished  Too short: chuck

April 11 top finished Stain: in the wash, then wear

June 11 frogs finished Bad weather: does get worn

June 11 corset skirt finished Corset: difficult to lace, not  the right occasion

June 11 dress finished Straps keep falling off, make into a skirt

July 11 skirt finished Forgot I owned it, will wear.

July 11 top finished Has already been chucked.

August 11 dress finished Forgot I made it.

February 12 dress finished Too big, is in the process of being made smaller.

January 12 shirt finished Flimsy. Chuck.

Front Still doesn’t fit right, chucked

Front Chucked, had holes

June 12 Blouse Chucked, had holes

Front Weather sucked, I do wear it

Skirt front Again, bad weather

So weather, bad fit and holes are the reason I didn’t wear a lot of my me made clothes. I shall remember this. And make more t-shirts as soon as my machine doesn’t skip stitches in knits anymore.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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