MMM ’13 22-28

And other week has passed! I did actually manage to wear something me made again each day. Although I forgot to take picture one day until after I had showered. There has been a little sun even, the past two days. I also had a fun weekend in my previous hometown. That’s the change of scenery.

MMM'13 22

22: Dance class! So  I changed out of the stripy and into the blue t-shirt. I felt really sick after dance class, so I struggled home, and crawled into bed, only to crawl out again and take a picture of this bunch of clothing, so ignore the mess. You’ve already seen these a million times, they are my most worn garments this month for sure.

MMM'13 23

23: A stripy t-shirt again, and the hat that accompanies my me made coat. Also not blogged.

MMM'13 24

24: Packing! The yellow ‘thing’ (here). It gets really mixed reactions, some love it, some really hate it. If they hate it, it’s mostly because of the colour though.

MMM'13 25

25: Same yellow thing. Fun day over at my friends. We talked for a bit and went to a party.

MMM'13 26

26: Me made skirt, also unblogged. I still like this skirt.

MMM'13 27 MMM'13 27

27: Refashioned red/black skirt and me made modesty shorts (here and here respectively). Since I wore modesty shorts I figured it was ok to lift up my skirt. I was actually planning on not wearing tights and therefore requiring the modesty shorts, however, I took them with me in case it would be colder than I’d anticipated and sort of forgot to take them off. The skirt gets really really wrinkly and I didn’t feel like ironing it, so that’s a lesson learned. It also sticks to my legs? Dislike that too.

MMM'13 28

28: Today! I wore another stripy shirt (seen enough of those yet? I promised they get laundered..). I had my thesis presentation today, so I have amassed a total of 10% of my final grade. The presentation grade I got was 8/10, which I’m really happy with. Only somewhat over a month before I’m supposed to become.. professional (that scares me..).


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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