MMM ’13 15-21

Rain, rain, rain, and a little more rain. It’s getting really depressing.

MMM '13 15 Shoes

15: I had my first of 5 rock and roll dance classes. It was a lot of fun! However, I soaked my shirt, it’s so intensive! So for most of the day I was wearing the purple shirt, and after class I changed into the black one, both store-bought. I did wear my first knitted sweater (here). On the right, my shoes. The ones I love, a lot! Yes, purple and red. Weird combo, I know. However, they are fantastic! You’ve seen them a lot, and will see them even more!

MMM '13 16 MMM 13 '16

16: Rain. Lots of it. Yes, the combination of a fancy shiny dress and a grey sweater is bad, but I wanted to wear the dress and couldn’t find anything else to wear. The right picture shows the top (not wet) versus the bottom (very wet). I hate rain… Like the dress though, even if it’s too long. I think the dress is pre-blog.

MMM '13 17

17: Yellow sweater (here), second hand scarf, random pants. I got the scarf at our local thrift-market (I don’t know if that’s a word..), the whole village hands in their unwanted stuff and it gets sold the Saturday before Mothersday (the second Sunday of May). It was fun to go there, even if it did rain (and rain and rain).

MMM '13 18

18: I took a shower after a long but fun day, then remembered I forgot to take a photograph. So this is the solution. The pants are home-made, the first I’ve ever made.

MMM '13 19

19: Sunday, so another ‘lounge’ outfit. Put on the shirt especially for this MMM thing (here).

MMM '13 20

20: Pentecost, school’s closed so I had to work from home. I wore my cooks shirt (here), it doesn’t really work under something because of the sleeve ties. I need to figure out a way to wear this more. It’s also a bit short.

MMM '13 21

21: I wasn’t feeling too well, so I wanted a comfort sweater. I chose my red one, to match my shoes! (Yes, I’m an idiot). I chose the same shirt as 19 because it was still fine. My mood led me to go by a shop to pick up a scarf to ‘hide’ in. It actually does look quite happy, if you ask me.

So, still few dresses, stupid rain. I just really hate rain, it makes me not want to dress nice, because I know it will be ruined anyways. A week and a bit left. Maybe I’ll get to wear some skirts next week? Fingers crossed, I hope those who are participating are liking their experiment!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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