MMM ’13 8-14

So, second week! I managed to wear something me made or refashioned each day. Admittedly, Sunday was uninspired and Tuesday pretty much the same as Monday but I did put effort in, that counts right. I was actually planning on wearing more skirts and dresses.. However, the weather is decidedly uncooperative. It’s raining all the time, and I think I hate wet tights even more than wet pants, so pants it is.

MMM '13 8

8: Me made jacket, not blogged. High heels, so sitting mostly, I love the hat though.

MMM '13 9

9: High waisted skirt, me made, still love it, and bow tie belt (here). Wasn’t feeling my best that day, so I wanted something bright, that’s where the socks came in.

MMM '13 9

10: Two! Again! One of the striped shirts and a red skirt and black houndstooth skirt (apparently pre blog but same fabric used here)

MMM '13 11

11: Blue shirt (here), and I’m wearing a tie over my head. There was a market in my town, I found a mickey mouse tie and got it. I really like it, don’t know if it will ever get worn.

MMM '13 12

12: Sunday.. I did not feel like getting dressed. So here you  see my weekend ‘clothes’, the live in sweater and sweatpants. But especially for me made may.. I found something me made. SOCKS! (here)

MMM '13 13

13: Time for something refashioned (here). I love those shoes! Red (and purple) and oh so comfortable.

MMM '13 14

14: Remarkably similar to yesterday. Tied the ties in another way, lower down to create a top effect, added a red spotted hat and an accessory in the form of a sticky letter I found yesterday as a remainder of a comedy show I went to.

More dresses next week! (I hope..)


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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