MMM ’13, 1-2

Well day 1 of MMM ’13 (here and here) is over! And I managed to put on 4 me made clothes to start it of. First, grey pants, the first I’ve ever made and the best fitting ones, frustratingly enough. Second, a blue shirt (here) and third the white jacket I made (here).

MMM '13-1

Yes, our dog was trying to be extremely photogenic in the background. More so than me, since I accidentally looked the wrong way, although I would have cut my head of if I did look the right way. The fourth item is the coat you see hanging over my shoulder. I made that one too, it’s my go to coat this winter. I think that it’s still cold enough to wear my wintery coat.

Lesson learned: the white jacket has too tight armholes, the other items are fine and nice to wear.

Today, I’m wearing approximately the same thing, although I took off the jacket, because of that lesson. I’m trying to pack my stuff for the larp this weekend. So I put on my super sexy perfectly fitting sweater (yes, sarcasm). It’s really nice to wear though, not constricting in any sense, since it’s like enormous. It also makes for easy manoeuverability, which is nice for packing.

MMM '13-2

So this weekend I’m off, but I hope to take a picture every day (probably fail though, + they’ll be really similar) still, I hope to have a good time too.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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