So it’s easter again, which means, of course, easter eggs! This involves painting (for the tradition, see here)!

Well, this year it’s all going to go a little differently from the last gazillion years. For one, my parents are still on holiday and I have to pick them up around 10:30, so it’s not going to be early Sunday morning. For two (is that a legal expression?), I had to babysit the whole of Saturday, from 12 to 22, so it left me very little time for painting. For three (I’m going to say it is), I found a ‘make your easter egg shiny and stuff’ paint set in the supermarket and of course wanted to use.

The plan was as follows, or actually, there was an a plan and a b plan. The a plan was wait until you get home again and paint some eggs. The b plan was hope that the babysit child wants to paint some eggs too, and do it there. Plan b was successful! When we went to my house to walk my dog, we also brought back some eggs and egg painting things. The process was weird. Boil eggs, drip strange shiny sticky paint on a glove and rub the (hot) egg in it. Then apply silver shiny stuff and hope it sticks, which it often doesn’t. However, we had fun throughout and that’s what counts. Since we are only with three tomorrow, I only boiled and ‘painted’ six eggs. I hope it will be enough. Here they are.

Eggs Eggs

Eggs Cat

You may also be surprised by the last picture. Meet Pluis, Pluis’ face doesn’t look like that, but he moved before my shutter had closed again. Pluis has been living in my house for a couple of months now, but a couple of nights ago it was the first time I determined that all those sewingbloggers-with-cats are right. Cats seem to prefer work area for laying on. This case it was an enormous pattern piece for a dress I’m working on. He also decided to try to lay on my crumply plastic bag with pattern pieces and pattern magazines in it. Stinking cat, but cute, oh so cute, I tend to forgive him almost anything. I’m a bad cat parent. Maybe you’ll see more of Pluis in the future. Who knows, I’ve got enough creativity left in me, I hope!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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