Productivity, 3.

The other thing I made was a skirt. I already spoke about the larp event we are organising. I quite like to have costumes for that sort of thing, even if I’m not playing myself. However, a month later (beginning of May) there is an event where I will be playing. In case my current character decides to die (or just dies) I would like to have a backup character ready to step back in again.

So while I was at school trying to work on my thesis, I decided to take a break and google for a larp-staff. A piece of equipment I have been wanting to own for years, however, the only ones available are.. well.. ugly. I don’t like them at all. Then, a miracle happened, I founded something I liked! Or at least, liked a lot more than all the other ones out there. It can be found here. Now, the only thing I didn’t like were the metal caps around the bottom. I got a custom order and they will make me one without the caps. It all went fairly smoothly and they are very friendly at Skian Mohr.

Next, I needed a new costume (of course) so I drew one out:


On Saturday I started with the first layer: the white underskirt. I decided to do it simple. I made a little “tutorial” to show what I did. Step 1 consisted of cutting 3 lengths, slightly over one meter (the length from floor to my waist) and then cut them across diagonally. The selvage edges were then sewn together (to end up with 3 pieces with a  selvage seam in the middle). The selvage and fold pieces were then alternately attached to each other using French seams. Number 2 shows half the skirt. The other half would look the same only there would be two fold pieces on both sides and a selvage piece in the middle. At step 3 and 4 I marked and cut the bottom of in more of a circle shape. In step 5 I cut the waist section in a circle shape. Then I cut a very long rectangular piece to be the waistband. I then gathered all the panels onto the waistband (6; yes this drawing makes little sense). All in all there is a lot of fabric at the bottom, the hem is going to be several meters long.


I have not actually hemmed it, which is why it is not finished yet. I felt I should let it hang for a while before hemming it, since the fabric is somewhat stretchy. I attached a little extra waistband to be able to tie it into a bow at the front. It’s actually really comfortable (if much too long). This is what it looks like, without the hem finished.


As you can see, it’s very wide at the bottom, and much too long. Still I feel it looks nice. It’s also finished on the insides and the ‘getting in’ opening.


Just hemming to do on these and I will really have been productive!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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6 Responses to Productivity, 3.

  1. Janneke says:

    Hi, I found your blog through my WP news feed, I really like it (being a roleplayer and fanatic seamstress myself). I really look forward to your costumes, always like to see what other people are up to!

    • luus says:

      Awesome! Thanks, I hope to finish that white skirt soon, and start the green over .. thing. I also make a lot of ‘normal’ clothes, but that shouldn’t decrease the fun.
      I don’t know if you’re looking for a new event to play at but you are always welcome at ours in Zeeland:
      (hey, no harm in trying right!)
      Good luck with your own costumes!

      • Janneke says:

        Hahaha, looks like a lot of fun 🙂 unfortunately, I am a bit busy, I play at Attila Lrp and Fase 3 post-apocalyptic Larp, which already means at least 8 events in a year (plus the promotion on the elf fantasy fair). But when I find the time, I will think of your event! 🙂

      • luus says:

        8 is a lot indeed!
        I only play 1, with two events a year. But I’m part of the crew of another one (also twice a year, but very new). Have a nice season!

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