Productivity, 1.

Wow, you wouldn’t believe everything I did today, yesterday and the day before. I’ve made a shirt, 2 vests and a large, large skirt. Now, while I suddenly have done things and therefore could produce more content (and keep myself entertained), I’m going to divide the productivity into 3 parts. To start with the first thing I finished, and the most boring one.

We are again organising a larp event, this time it takes place during the beginning of April. We are introducing some new characters and species of which I helped conceive a few. One of these new species wears a yellow vest (and some other attributes, but I’m not going to spoil that fun, you might learn after April). I found myself in charge of making said yellow vests since I’m pretty much the only one who knows how their sewing machine works.

I couldn’t find any yellow fabric in the town where the event is held. So I went to a local second-hand shop to find some, and I did. It wasn’t too difficult. It was only when I returned home with the loot that I found I had a lot of yellow myself in the stash. However, the “new” stuff was a much better fit for a larp costume. There was not too much of it, which was a shame and had me change my “pattern plan”.

The second-hand shoppe also had patterns for sale, I got four (total price: 1 Euro). 3 dresses and a man’s shirt. The plan was to trace the front and back of the shirt and make the vests from that pattern. I did that, but they didn’t fit on the fabric. I had a night of thinking about it and the next day I decided I would keep it simple. So I cut the fabric in two. The bottom edges were both frayed, but it looked nice so I kept that as the bottom edge. The centre fronts are the selvages (less hemming for me, yay!). I cut out armholes, and some sloped shoulders. Sewed the shoulder seams. Created bias tape out of a bit of fabric from the yellow stuff I still had in the stash. (Thanks Scientific Seamstress for the printable bias tape maker and Jona for the bias tape out of small yardage tutorial!!)


I laid my bias tape along the edges on the right side, sewed it down, folded it to the wrong side and sewed it down again. The first time round it looked absolutely hideous.  But I decided I didn’t care, although I made the second one much nicer. Well this morning I changed my mind and redid the first one, it now looks like the pictures below, outside and inside. They are really shapeless and quite ugly, but they are supposed to ‘fit’ a wide range of people since we don’t know who will wear them.


Well this was the first (or first two) project that was finished this weekend. Up next: shirt (of which you might spot a little hint up above).


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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