A friend of mine is born on the first of January, which is a terrible day to be born if you ask me, or him. This has just passed but he wanted to celebrate his birthday at some point. I talk to him practically every day, so I figured he would need a present. Even if he wasn’t going to officially celebrate his birthday. So I started on quite a personal project: a pack of cards.

He finally celebrated his birthday yesterday, so although I finished the present a month ago or so, I’m only now allowed to post about it. Anyway, on to regular programming!

Now, you might think, cards, that’s quite boring.. no?

But over the past year he has been telling me what he wants for his birthday, this has included a baby jaguar, panda’s, a weird-looking spider thing, Afghan hedgehogs, a fox etc. I don’t think I can ever really ‘get’ those things for him, since some are endangered or illegal and more stuff like that.

He’s also a big fan of magic, card tricks and the like. He quite likes to play games and is always in need of a new deck of cards. I connected those two things and decided to come up with a deck of cards that had cute animals on them. Admittedly I didn’t check for copyright on all those images, but I figured, it’s for personal use and they will not really be used.

Anyways, I opened up Powerpoint and made 52 cards. In the left top corner I put the value of the card Ace to King, beneath that the category of animal and in the top right corner I put one of the four suits that cards have. The cards were coloured according to their category and a picture was put in the middle. Then the writing on top of the card was mirrored on the bottom, like so:


The four categories are: Cats & Dogs (with the cheetah, fox and a variety of other cute catty and doggy pictures) these are also diamonds. The hearts are (Under)water, with a variety of water based creates (turtles, frogs, octopi, dolphins etc.). Spades are Wild (bears, giraffes, hippos, sloths etc.) and lastly clubs are Garden (with spiders, deer, hedgehogs, owls etc.). There are 13 cards in each suit, 2 additional jokers (with little children in respectively a dragon and a frog costume) and a name card.

I then got it all printed on matte photo paper, I have since figured out that this might not have been the best idea, but it’s done now. They are not very easy to shuffle, so card tricks may be problematic, but it’s the idea that counts right?

After I printed and cut all the cards (see the corners of the cards in the picture? I had to cut all of those out), I made the box. There was a leftover bit of photo paper and I printed a name card for the front. I measured the size of the cards and gave it a bit more space and tadaa, the present was born. This was a fun and easy way to create a personalised present. I might do it again some time!



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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