The office where I now work 9 to 5 on my final thesis, is really quite cold. Especially for my extremities. My hands and feet do not seem to have the ability to heat themselves up out of their own accord. It can be really frustrating, so I’ve found ways to deal with it. Simply put.. Stick another layer on there!


So that’s what I did,  I made some gloves to stick over those nasty cold hands. They had to  be fingerless in order to be able to type. The original plan was to just make a flat bit rectangle, sew the sides up and leave a hole in the side for the thumb. I did this before and it worked fine. However, while I was busy, I wanted some interest, so I chose a pattern with ridges and flat bits and decided to rib from the wrist onwards. This turned out fine (although you cannot see the pattern that well, lousy light).

When it came to making them up, sewed up the side seams with a hole in the middle and it just felt.. empty? I cast on an additional 14 stitches times 2, knitted in garter for 3 rows and started decreasing the two sides whenever seemed right. I already attached one side to a glove before the thumb-bit was finished, because I needed to see where to decrease exactly. Sewed up the ‘side seam’ (those 3 rows at the beginning) and attached it further to the glove. Wove in the ends, et voilà! a fingerless glove. Five more minutes, and another one was done! Another project finished, I’m on a roll!

Glove Glove

I also cast on another sock, now in white, with a seed stitch top, haven’t a clue if that’s going to work.. only one way to find out I guess. Keep knitting!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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One Response to Gloves

  1. Jenny says:

    Very cute and practical. Good luck with your thesis.

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