Okay, ‘painting’ might be a somewhat.. enthousiastic description of this last finished project, I really didn’t do any painting.  This is the story. A couple of months ago, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by taking us (the kids and associated lovers) to Paint Creations. A company based in Woerden, the Netherlands, that let’s you “Gooi – Spetter – Spuit – Druppel – Mik – Giet” (“Throw – Splash – Spray – Drip – Aim – Pour”) paint onto a canvas (or a table or sheep statue). Basically you choose 3-6 colours to dump on the canvas. When it’s completely covered, you use a brush to smooth out the background. Then you start splashing, spraying, throwing and pouring paint on/at your canvas to create a very interesting painting. It has to dry for weeks, literally.

So, we recently got our paintings back. Then it was time to wait for my dad to hang them up. My parents paintings and the great communal one are hanging in the living room. Mine is in my room. I’m really enjoying it actually, it’s nice and colourful.

We started a ‘practice’ paper version:

1. splatter, 2. cover the background and smooth it out, splatter some more, 3. Finished practice version!

1. Splatter and smooth the background, splatter some more, 2. Splatter even more and make some lines, 3. Finished!

And here it is in its natural habitat, my bedroom:

If you look carefully, you might notice that the black line in the right bottom corner, when drawn further, connects with the black line on the wallpaper. This was intentional, I liked the idea that they went together. It might not be very obvious, but it’s my little quirk.
I’m off to enjoy my fancy painting in my wonderful room.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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