I found this pile of clothes that my mom was discarding a couple of weeks ago and I nicked some stuff from it (with permission of course). I was inspired by Marisa from New dress a day (here). She often picks up cheap and (relatively) ugly items for very little money (say $1), and makes them all nice and wearable again. Admittedly my items are the ones I actually liked without having to do much on it, and were for free.

They include a red/black/grey dress, a red sweater and some more which I haven’t done anything with yet. I forgot to take pictures of the red sweater before, but it’s not finished yet (I am snipping of the edges of the sleeves and the bottom, because they were all curly and creepy. Also, I’m removing some of the really ugly embellishments on the front). However, about a quarter of an hour ago I decided to make the red/black/grey dress suitable for my wardrobe.

At first I couldn’t spot anything wrong with it and assumed that it was just too small or something, but on closer inspection..


A hole! 1.5 inch or so from the centre front seam. Since I’m a little smaller than my mother, I thought it would be no problem to take in the front that bit as to hide the hole. So I did (actually, typing this up and taking the photo’s took longer than the actual sewing), and also did a little resewing of one of the ties. Since they were coming apart, see below.

This is the end result, the whole dress and the centre front without hole. I hope I’ll wear it more often.




About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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